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Having worked closely with some of Melbourne's leading award winning Couture Designers,  including Baccini and Hill,  and Croce’ Colosimo,  Deanna has an understanding of what you need for your hair and makeup to be totally dreamy

Incorporating the latest ideas with traditional and classic techniques giving you a modern yet timeless appeal.

Deanna's passion is for classic, elegant and amazing Upstyling,  with or without the addition of hairpieces. It is this type of work that she is known for, and  makes you stand out from the rest. Most importantly, she makes sure your hair complements  your gown and theme of your day. Deanna ensures the style will suit you and your hair type—and it  will last.

Leading up to your Wedding, Deanna  can offer advice on your cut, colour, treatments and products. This helps to ensure your hair is in its optimum condition for the style we design for you.


Deanna also offers expert makeup design for your event. Using the best Professional ranges, she takes into account your skin type and uses a foundation suited to your needs, giving your skin a “photo perfect”  finish. The colours she  uses will be suited to you, the colours you are wearing and the style of  photography you are having, the weather and most importantly—your personality.  This attention to personalised detail  extends to the choice of lashes, and from  a natural  look to enhance the eye to  a wide eyed intsa-doll look  you are sure to get the lashes of your dreams.

Deanna can arrange to be on call for your day, just for peace of mind, or if you plan to change styles, or intensify your look going into the evening, and often attends various locations for your photos.


She also provides you with an individualized preparation sheet for the entire Bridal  Party  so everyone is clear on requirements.